Monday, 30 January 2012

NEW MUSIC - Kenetics


Taken straight out of the depths of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, come 'Kenetics', a 5 piece made up of James, Will, Matt, Ollie and Asya.

 With an average age of  17, the band's sound is much more mature than you might expect from what seems to be just another local band doing the rounds. But with just hearing the first 30 seconds of new track 'Toothache' it is clear to see that Kenetics are much more than just 'another local band.'

 Combining a solid rhythm section from twin brothers Ollie and Will with vocals from Matt and Asya, their voices complementing each other in between gently sweeping guitars from James Pyrah, alternatively panned left and right to keep you on your feet! The chorus has a beautiful simplicity that is really effective in hooking the reader into the song. 'You're not real, you're toothache.' The band have done well not to kill the song by trying to make it too complicated in an attempt to impress, which sadly is seen a lot these days.

The band certainly have the help of producer Tom Peters who engineered The Klaxons first album, and who mixed this track, helping the band achieve a sound that most bands can only dream of having. This group of youngsters are certainly one to watch.

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