Monday, 30 January 2012

NEW MUSIC - Kenetics


Taken straight out of the depths of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, come 'Kenetics', a 5 piece made up of James, Will, Matt, Ollie and Asya.

 With an average age of  17, the band's sound is much more mature than you might expect from what seems to be just another local band doing the rounds. But with just hearing the first 30 seconds of new track 'Toothache' it is clear to see that Kenetics are much more than just 'another local band.'

 Combining a solid rhythm section from twin brothers Ollie and Will with vocals from Matt and Asya, their voices complementing each other in between gently sweeping guitars from James Pyrah, alternatively panned left and right to keep you on your feet! The chorus has a beautiful simplicity that is really effective in hooking the reader into the song. 'You're not real, you're toothache.' The band have done well not to kill the song by trying to make it too complicated in an attempt to impress, which sadly is seen a lot these days.

The band certainly have the help of producer Tom Peters who engineered The Klaxons first album, and who mixed this track, helping the band achieve a sound that most bands can only dream of having. This group of youngsters are certainly one to watch.

Enter Shikari- 'A Flash Flood of Colour' Album Review

Enter Shikari have been abusing music genre’s worthless boundaries since 2003, and in that time they have released two full length albums. Take to the Skies (2007) and Common Dreads (2009.) The much awaited third album, A Flash Flood of Colour was released on the 16th January 2012. But does it live up to the hysteria that has preceded it?
Right away, it is clear that the St Albans 4 piece are determined to enhance their reputation as one of the UK’s most explosive and unpredictable bands, and with a quick overview of this album it is safe to say that they have succeeded, with songs ranging from furious dub-step breakdowns, to soaring chorus’s that wouldn’t be out of place on a festival main stage, with thousands of lighters waving in the air. 
 After an explosive first half of the album, featuring tracks ‘System’, ‘Meltdown’ ,Search Party’ and ‘Arguing with Thermometers’ which leaves the listener little time to rest, we are given a chance to catch our breaths during ‘Stalemate’ which is similar to ‘Adieu’ from 2007’s Take to the Skies. The track begins with soft acoustic guitars and percussion and gently builds up with a sweeping synth line, highlighting the bands anti war ethic with Rou singing the words ‘tomorrow’s wars will fuel generations of hate.’
 The album comes to an end with outro ‘Constellations’ which is essentially a song written  from Rou’s point of view about finding himself rushing to a train station, only to find that the train is delayed, leading him to contemplate his future, with train destinations representing his options in life. A calming piece which makes use of acoustic guitars and soft synth pads to build up into a stadium filling anthem that is bound to have fans of all ages singing along, with fists in the air. 

Monday, 29 August 2011

Reading 2011 - Friday

Friday saw the first day of live music at Reading Festival 2011 with appearances from the likes of My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, The Vaccines, Noah and the Whale, White Lies, Beady Eye, Architects, The Blackout and more. This is my write up of the bands I saw. Obviously I couldn't get to see everyone so I tried to see a good mix of bands that I enjoyed and others that I didn't really know that well.

1. Architects - Main Stage.
Being the first band on at a festival is never easy and a festival such as Reading is even harder, Sound quality wasn't great for the first band but fortunately Architects performance made up for it. Drawing in a big crowd so early in the day seemed to give them confidence which they used to their advantage to put on a good show to keep the crowd entertained and stopping them from drifting off to one of the tents to escape the heavy morning rain. The band played some slower songs which showed off vocalist Sam Carters great singing voice, showing that they have a softer side but also creating several mosh pits and urging the crowd to get involved.  4/5.

2. The Blackout - Main Stage.
Next up were The Blackout who continued the energy that Architects breathed into the main stage crowd with fast paced, sing along anthems that seemed perfectly suited to the large stage. They benefited from much better sound quality which enabled the crowd to appreciate the songs a lot more. Vocalists got fully involved, showing off really good vocal skills as well as novelty microphone swinging. 4/5

3. New Found Glory - Main Stage.
New Found Glory brought their bouncy pop punk tunes to Reading with the aim to have everybody singing along and having a good time and it's safe to say that they achieved this! They might be getting older and older but this didn't stop them from running round the stage and bouncing around like they were teenagers. 3/5.

4. Rise Against - Main Stage.
I'm not a great fan of this band and was dragged to see them with some mates but i'm glad that I did go along! The sound quality was awful and for the majority of their set it was impossible to hear the vocals but this didn't stop them from putting on a great show and the sound of the crowd singing along almost made up for the poor mix. 3/5.

5. The Offspring - Main Stage.
This is a band that I used to listen to when I was younger, In fact I remember getting a greatest hits CD for my 12th or 13th birthday but I was reluctant to miss out on seeing The Vaccines over this band. However i'm glad I made the decision to see this giant rock band because this will most probably be one of their last UK shows whilst I have the opportunity to see The Vaccines whenever they tour. The Offspring brought out all their hits which pleased the crowd but it must be noted that they left out several of their biggest songs such as 'Original Prankster.' and then left the stage without a word which confused the crowd quite a lot. 3/5.

6. Don Broco - BBC Introducing Stage.
This was the Bedford Boys first time at the festival and judging by this performance it wont be their last. Full of energy and eager to impress they launched into a 25 min set full of their biggest tunes off their latest mini album - 'Big Fat Smile.' Opening with classic 'Thug Workout', front man Bobby D got right into the crowd to conduct the wall of death from the audience which reflects the lighthearted, fun loving side to this band which is making them into one of the biggest up and coming bands in the country. Would love to see them on a bigger stage next year. 5/5.

7. 30 Seconds To Mars - Main Stage.
This was to be one of the bands last UK performances from this band as front man Jared Leto strongly hinted at a break up for the band saying 'This is the last time we'll be in the UK for a very long time.' They certainly played like it was the last time they'd be in the UK with a performance full of emotion and passion for their music. They got the crowd involved at every chance, dragging fans up from the crowd to sing along and dance on stage with them. The atmosphere was amazing, with the crowd singing along to every song so loud that it almost defeated the point of Jared being there. 5/5.

8. My Chemical Romance - Main Stage.
If i'm honest, the only reason I went along to see MCR was to see what reaction the crowd gave them and i was surprised! They went down really well with the massive crowd, bringing out some massive songs won the crowd over straight away. The hits kept on coming with an extra special ending when Queen guitarist Brian May joined them onstage to close the evening with a cover of 'We Will Rock You' and classic 'Black Parade.' 4/5.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Stage collapse at Pukklepop Festival

At least 4 people have been killed and many more injured after a stage collapsed at Europes Pukklepop festival today (18th).

The stage collapsed in a huge storm in a situation much like that in the USA in the past week where a stage collapsed into the crowd during strong winds.

Many bands have had to cancel their performances at the festival which included the likes of Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars, Katy B and Kids in Glass Houses on it's bill.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Red Hot Chilli Peppers announce free London show

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have announced a free show to celebrate the release of their new album.

The show will take place at London's Koko, an intimate venue in the capita on September 2nd following the release of their 10th studio album 'I'm with you' on August 30th. The show is being organised by Radio 1 and it is possible to apply for tickets on

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Peter Doherty to dedicate Reading and Leeds slots to Amy Winehouse.

Troubled singer Pete Doherty has announced that he will honour the late singer and friend by dedicating his slots at Reading and Leeds festivals to her memory. A friend of his said that 'Pete was really great mates with Amy and He's still really cut up about her death. He hopes to get rid of his deamons by dedicating his festival slots to her memory.

He has previously admitted to feeling down about the singers passing, saying that it had hit him hard.

Doherty was recently released from prison after serving a sentence for cocaine possession.

Charlie Simpson rules out Busted reunion.

Fightstar frontman Charlie Simpson, also known for his role in energetic, teenage pop punk band Busted has rules out any chances of a future reunion. Saying 'a Busted reunion with me won't happen in a million years.'

However he didn't rule out the possibility that the other 2 members wouldn't re-form the band, claiming that they may go ahead on their own.

Charlie recently announced a headline tour to support his new acoustic solo project which takes on a different vibe to the heavier rock that Fightstar create, although he mentioned that he still thinks of his music as rock music.

See Charlies website for his solo tour dates.